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Rite Aid Miracle on the Course

Miracle on the golf course.

We want to thank all of the Rite Aid golf outing organizers, participants and sponsors of the 2019 Rite Aid golf outing for CMN & Hurley Children’s Hospital. Hartland Glen made the day extra special by presenting such a great event September 11th.
Miracle’s smile was ear to ear as she met so many caring people. She sure loves riding in the cart! It’s hard to believe how far the 6 year old has come. She was born in the Hurley NICU 18 weeks early and weighing just 14 ounces!
She spent 144 days at Hurley Children’s Hospital recovering from convulsions, chronic lung disease, jaundice, underactive thyroid and poor muscle tone. She came out of it, doing well. She now reads above her grade level, plays piano and does ballet. She is a Hurley Miracle for sure!
The wonderful people at Rite Aid were able to raise $8,413 to help children like Miracle at Hurley. All proceeds will go to fund the Rite Aid Nutrition Room for the families of our pediatric patients. It’s a place where parents can grab coffee or water or a snack quickly, without having to feel guilty about leaving their child’s room too long. It’s a convenience that really makes a hospital stay bearable for families.
Thanks for such a great partnership Rite Aid. We appreciate your continuing support. Please know you are saving lives and giving families hope.