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Kevin Clancy #GiftofGrowingUp

The following is a guest blog post by Miracle Dad and former CMN Hershey Board Chair Eric Clancy. He wanted us to share his email with the physicians involved with the care of his son, Kevin, who was critically injured in an inflatable slide accident when he was 17. When you support kids at Penn State Children’s Hospital, you give kids the #GiftofGrowingUp!


Kevin Clancy’s birthday is in a little over two weeks; Kevin will be 29, he was 17 when you were caring for him.  Last week Kevin attended a tennis clinic at the USTA Tennis Campus in Orlando, Florida.  I know he really enjoyed it on a prior visit and he was very excited about the trip.  We received a text message from Phil, Kevin’s brother, asking if Kevin told us how he was doing.  Kevin had said he was enjoying his week but limited other details.  Phil advised us that in his USTA 3.5/4.0 grouping he “won” the drills/contests that they run on Sunday for the 32 folks in his group.

Phil’s recognition that Kevin was playing a very high level of tennis prompted my note to you.  Following the army of clinicians at Penn State Children’s Hospital, Kevin was able to battle back in an amazing way and I wanted to pass on my gratitude. We are very thankful for your efforts on Kevin’s behalf.

When we all “spent time together”, at Penn State Children’s Hospital, there were significant questions about prognosis.  Dr. Thomas, on the first night, you advised me that “we get 15 minutes”.  That was sobering insight but absolute reality. Dr. Harbaugh, I am thankful for your expertise as the first surgery was required on that Wednesday night.  Dr. Lucking for your direction of his care over the many days we were with your team.  There were many ups and downs but you responded in a very helpful way every time.  And, Dr. Ramer you gave us insight and support, far beyond what you were able to do for Kevin.  We were desperate to have our son “back”.  When he walked out of the hospital we had no real idea.  You and your team provided a level of care and support that made a very real difference for all of us.  (You will note in the picture below that he even has ”lefty back”.  A real question through the rehab cycle.)

I know you have a long list of children that have had successful outcomes with the wonderful treatment at the Penn State Children’s Hospital; but Kevin is MY son and he is doing very well.  Kevin has an apartment in Camp Hill, works in Marketing at Rite Aid.  He is involved in his church and Harrisburg Young Professionals.  He is very ready for the tennis season to start!  For those of you that remember him, Phil got married in September and is a civil engineer / Ocean engineering in Florida; studying for the PE exam.

Kevin (left) and his brother Phil