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Hop into Rite Aid for Easter goodies

Rite Aid locations across the country are ready to help the Easter bunny deliver cheer and smiles over Easter weekend. From Easter baskets to candy and plush bunnies, Rite Aid shelves are stocked with Easter essentials to bring cheer to kids young and old.

While picking up everything for your favorite somebunny’s Easter baskets, don’t forget to add in a Miracle Balloon and help sick and injured children at your local children’s hospital. Donations help Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals fund critical treatments, healthcare services, medical equipment made especially for kids and charitable care. Member hospitals determine how donations can be best used. For instance, a $12 donation could help a hospital purchase a pack of preemie diapers. A $90 donation could help a hospital purchase a pediatric blood pressure cuff and monitor. Or any donation could help a hospital provide one chemotherapy treatment for a child, which costs between $3,000 and $7,000. Any way you look at it, your donation is helping children’s hospitals provide the best care for kids in your community.

Miracle Balloon on the left, preemie diaper on the right

Thank you for your donation and here’s hopping that you make Easter an eggstra-special holiday this year.

Rite Aid’s annual fundraising campaign for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals continues through May 6. Since becoming a sponsor in 1994, Rite Aid has raised more than $81 million for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.